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Ronald E. McNair High

Dekalb County Schools

Meet your Registrar

                                                                                Meet the Registrar
                                                                                Ms. Ronetta Jones
                                                                            Office:  (678) 874-4906
                                                                              Fax:  (678) 874-4910
                                                      Email:  [email protected]

                                                         REGISTRATION HOURS:  8:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Student Enrollment from School NOT in Dekalb County
If the student was not a Dekalb County student within the last school year, there is an online process which can be found here:
Please understand the online process can take 24-72 hours to complete.  
Student Enrollment from School IN Dekalb County
If the student is transferring from a Dekalb County school, please make sure you bring the withdrawal packet from the previous school along with proof of residency information (lease or mortgage statement and a utility bill) and your ID to the school.  
Student Withdrawal
Print and complete this form
 -->  NEW McNair HS Withdrawal Request Form.pdf
Please contact the school to request an appointment with the Registrar for the following purposes ONLY:
1.    To complete the residency affidavit
2.    To Return a Chromebook and/or books to the school.


Residency Update/Change
If your previous address has changed:
1.   Print and complete the form below with residency changes/updates.
2.    Email residency proof to [email protected] .
Acceptable proof of residency:
1.    Current Mortgage statement or Lease MUST show parent/guardian name.
2.    One (1) current utility bill (electric, gas, or water) with the parent/guardian name listed.  No telephone/cell phone bills, cable bills, insurance or bank statements will be accepted.
3.    Parent/Guardian current official picture identification.  
Click here  --> Student Data Change Form_11-15-2023-094720.pdf
Click here to see a sample of a utility bill -->  GA Power     Click here to see a sample of a lease -->  Lease
Click here to see a sample of a mortgage statement -->  Mortgage

Parent/Guardian Annual Verification of Existing Student

Census Data via Parent Portal
We are pleased to announce the opening of the Annual Verification function within the Infinite Campus Parent Portal! Parents/Guardians can now complete their annual verification of existing student Census information via the portal. Click this link:>> How to Complete Existing Student Registration(Annual Verification of Student Data)
    Parent/Guardian must have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account to verify/update their student(s) information.
    Parents/guardians who do not already have a portal account should visit instructions.
    Parents/guardians who have forgotten their portal username and/or password should click on the Forgot username? or Forgot password?

In Need of a Copy of your student's Birth Certificate?
Parents can now order Georgia birth certificates online directly from the State of Georgia. The Georgia Technology Authority partnering with the Georgia Department of Public Health provides Request Official Vital Event Records (ROVER), making it convenient to order certificates directly from the State of Georgia.

Students who graduated between 2006 and present may go to
Type in McNair and choose Ronald E. McNair High School on Bouldercrest Rd.   Follow the prompts from there.   Transcripts can only be sent to schools or employers.  Transcripts may NOT be sent to personal email addresses.   
Students who graduated before 2006 may go to  and follow the directions given there.  Transcripts can only be sent to schools or employers.  Transcripts may NOT be sent to personal email addresses.  
To order a copy of your diploma, you may call Jostens directly at (706) 691-9359.